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                    By Appointment.  Hours of operation are: 9am-5pm Mon-Fri. 

Maintenance,Repair & Upgrade
When your computer is slow and not responding to your commands or just flat don't want to work, Maybe it just need a little TLC or maybe something is really wrong. Which ever it is it's important to know that each computer is a little different from each other and can operate that way. It can be low on memory,out of date drivers,too many files that you don't need, dead or dying back up battery Or dare I say it, Maybe a virus,malware or spyware. Any and all of these can cause your computer not to perform the way you want.
Also, keeping your computer clean inside and out is very important. I have seen enough dust in a computer to build a birds nest. But not only is it a fire hazard dust also holds heat and that's not good. It will cause your internal workings to work harder, slower and finally shut down.
I can help here too! Sometimes a small repair would be cheaper than buying a new computer.

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Media Transfer:
OK let's say you have a lot of old photos and don't know what to do with them? Or old tape recordings or old super8 films from family vacations. Maybe you have data on floppy disk that you would like to keep. Maybe some old documents like old house deeds, old birth certificates.
I can help you with that! I can transfer those onto useable media. But of course I can not transfer anything that has been copyrighted. But it helps if you want to keep that items in the family and pass it down for generations. 
media parts pic
Data Retrieval And Destruction:
Let's see, you get up in the morning grab your cup of coffee and turn on your computer and nothing! no sound, no lights, no video, nothing. You begin to think my computer is dead what should I do. I have files on this computer that I really need. You can always get another computer but without all those pictures,documents or business related items you have been saving, your lost. Uh Oh I forgot to back up my files!
That's where I can help. First we need to determine if the problem can be solved. "IF" your computer is really gone I can pull all those files off and on to another type of media for you so you can access them on another machine.

Say that you want to upgrade to a newer computer or change to another computer or even have one laying around and you no longer want anymore. Today you need to protect yourself by destroying any personal information. I can do just that. I use a program that is used by the Department of Defense to destroy sensitive data, And when it's gone it's really gone!
Over the past few years I have picked up dozens of used computers and what I have found on them would make you shudder. I can't stress how important it is to delete ALL your old data on those items you plan to get rid of. The first thing I do when I get home with a used computer is hook it up to see if it works and what problems it may have. Then I start looking around and I have found bank accounts, phone numbers,frequently visited web sites,address books,charge accounts, on line bill pay programs and yes even some girlie selfies and the list goes on.

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Recycle Those old electronics:
If you have old electronics that are no longer being used and you want to dispose of them then I can recycle them for you. Instead of throwing them in a landfill somewhere I can take them apart and bring them to a recycling center at no cost to you. Items like monitors, computer CPUs,drives,speakers,laptops,tablets,cell phones, keyboards,mice and things like that. We even recycle old 8-track,cassettes and VHS tapes.
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