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Everything else computer and non-computer related.

Cooling Fans
Top Motor Fan
Sunon Fan
Cooling Fan
Top Motor case cooling fan
80 X 80 X 25mm
Model# DF1208BM  3 pin connector
12V  0.20A 3pin (used and tested)
Product# 80  Price: $5.00
Sunon KD1209PTB2 case fan
12V  0.13A  2600RPM noise: 33 dBA
92 x 92 x 25mm  air flow:48CFM
(used and tested) Molex connector
Product# 81  Price: $ 8.00
NMB Thermally Controled Sensor Fan
3612KL-04W-B66-7g538  (92 X 92 X 32mm)
 (used and tested) 3 pin connector
Case fan that speeds up when it detects additional heat.
Product# 82  Price: $19.00
cooling fan
brushless fan
Sunon PTV3 Fan
Bi-Sonic Technology cooling fan
Innovative modle# BS501012H
DC 12V 0.16A Brushless fan, 3 pin connector
50 x 50 x 10mm (used and tested)
Product# 79  Price: 5.00
Delta DC Brushless Fan  AFB0612L
2 pin  DC 12V  0.09A  60 x 60 x 25mm
(used and tested) 2 pin connector
Product# 78  Price: $7.00

Sunon Maglev Silent Cooling Fan
KDE1209PTV3 12V 0.09A 1.2W
92 x 92 x 25mm speed: 2200RPM
(used and tested) 3 pin connector
Product# 77  Price: $8.00

case fan
Case Fan
ADDA (60 X 60 X 20mm) Brushless Fan
 12V .16A model# AD0612HS-C70GL
Product# 108   Price: $7.00

AVA Cooling Fan 
(60 X 60 X 20mm) Model# AVA-620H12B 12V .14A
Product# 109   Price: $7.00

DATECH (60 X 60 X 15mm) Brushless Fan
Model# 0615-12MBTL  12V .12A 
Product# 110   Price: $6.00

Cooling Fan
Dell Front Bezel
Delta Fan
TopMotor1209SM Case Fan
 Model# DF1209SM 12V .25A
92 X 92 X 25mm 
Product# 111    Price: $8.00

Dell Front Bezel
from a Dimension 3000
Product# 16  Price: $10.00 
Delta Brushless Fan 3 Pin
Model# EFB0512MA 12V .12A
(used and tested) 50 X 50 X 10mm
Product# 113    Price: $5.00

Fan mount and shroud
Insignia Speakers
Fan cage
Dell Dimension 
Fan mount and shroud assembly
Removed from an 8200
Product# 89  Price: $9.00
Insignia Speakers
Product# 52  Price: $10.00
Fan enclosure for a 60 x 60 x 25mm fan.
Product# 112   Price: $3.50 used

Altec Speakers
Casio Digital Camera
Advent Speakers
Altec Speakers
Product# 51 Price: $8.00
Casio Digital Camera
Complete set up. (used and tested)
Product# 8  Price: $35.00
Advent Speakers
product# 50  Price: $7.00
Printer Cable
printer cable
GE Cassette Recorder
Bidirectional Printer Cable 10 Foot
DB25 male to Centronics 36 male, ieee-1284
Used and works
Product# 22  Price: $8.00

Bidirectional printer Cable 8 Foot
DB25 Pin Male connectors on both ends
Used and works
Product# 21 Price: $7.00

GE Cassette Recorder/ Player
New in Package!
Product# 55  Price: $63.00
PCI slot cover
desk top power cord
3.5" Disk Drive
PCI Expansion Slot Cover
Product# 114   Price: $0.70 ea

Power Cord for desktops
Used and tested, 5 foot
Product# 10  Price: $4.00

NEC internal 3.5" disk drive
used and works, Model# FD1231T
Product# 102  Price: $4.00

3.5" disk drive
Power switch
power button
Panasonic 3.5” disk drive
Internal desktop drive, interface: PATA/IDE/EIDE
used and works, Model# JU-257A216P
Product# 95    Price:$4.00

Power button and intrusion switch
Used and works from a Dell GX110 desktop
Product# 101    Price: 3.00

Micron PC power switch replacement 
From a clientPro PC, used and works
Product# 103   Price: $2.00
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